Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jim McGreevey: Ethics Professor?

James E. McGreevey, who resigned the governorship under a cloud of scandal, has a new job teaching law, ethics and leadership at one of New Jersey's public colleges.

McGreevey is now an "executive in residence" -- a combination teaching and consulting post -- at Kean University in Union, where he is earning $17,500. The former governor came on board without any announcement on Nov. 1, Kean officials said, and the university makes no mention of his role on its Web site or faculty directory.
Are you kidding me? This is a governor who engaged in highly unethical behavior, including pushing for a wholly unqualified close associate to become the New Jersey Homeland Security Director, despite the fact that the person wasn't even a US citizen.

Kean University charges $7,500 for in state undergraduate tuition. You aren't getting your money's worth if the university believes that McGreevey is qualified to teach any course on ethics or leadership particularly when he showed extremely poor judgment and no leadership skills in running the state of New Jersey.

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