Thursday, March 01, 2007

Shocked That Sen. McCain Announced? Don't Be

Sen. John McCain of Arizona went on David Letterman last night to announce that he's going to announce he's running for President in April. We already knew he was running for President. Just look at his behavior and actions the last few months - his speeches, and where he delivered them.

This shouldn't surprise anyone that he's running. He hasn't stopped running for President ever since he lost the nomination to Bush in 1999. Every appearance in the media is designed to keep his profile high and to keep in the media spotlight.

It is somewhat surprising that he delivered the announcement on Letterman (though he appears to have promised to do just that in an earlier appearance).

Well, I wish McCain luck. He's going to face an uphill battle since some consider his temparament to be troubling. However, I do not care for him on the basis of one act that I think sums up everything that is wrong with McCain:

McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform.

That legislation was an unabashed assault on the First Amendment. It was unconscionable, unconstitutional (though the Supreme Court to its great shame upheld it), and violates the very tenets laid down by the Founders of the United States - that political speech is to be cherished and protected, not limited by the likes of McCain out of a nonsensical claim that it would lead to campaign finance reform (and for the record it has done no such thing).

Still, McCain has his supporters and the media loves him because he always takes time on the Sunday shows to criticize the Administration (and who in the media doesn't love a Republican who slams the Administration). I am not among them.

This gives his critics still more time to slam him on all manner of issue, especially McCain-Feingold.

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