Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting Up To Speed

Without having the constant stream of news I was accustomed to overseas, I managed to catch a few snippets of news about the state of US politics, American popularity and US polling results.

Instapundit points out that Congress and the President are polling quite poorly these days. Well, they're in good company. Jacques Chirac wishes he had President Bush's polling numbers these days. Chirac recently got a positive rating of 29%. Bush and Congress are in the 30s, so this should tell you that folks are generally dissatisfied with the folks they elect to office regardless of what country they live in these days.

You see, France opposed the US war effort in Iraq, and yet Chirac's opposition has not translated into any tangible gains in the polls - they've gone into the dumpster, much as the polling finds a pessimistic French economic outlook.

Villainous Company takes a much closer look at the confluence of politics, media bias, polling, and the news of the day.

Since I'm still getting up to speed, this is going to be my open posting of the day.

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