Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Confused on the Strategery

Wasn't it only days ago that Democrat Sen. Carl Levin was sounding the call to retreat and cut and run from Iraq? So what is up with the fact that he's now sounding like he wants to expand military operations into Syria and Iran based on the evidence presented thus far by the military, intel community, and observations about the Syrian and Iranian government backing of the insurgency and terrorist groups. Video here.
SEN CARL LEVIN (D-MI): “Now, in terms of the weapons coming in from Syria, those weapons that you’ve described as coming in from Syria and perhaps other Sunni neighbors are killing our troops. Do we have a plan to address the Syrian weapon source -- of killings of our troops?”

JOHN MCCONNELL, Director of National Intelligence: “Sir, I know the military is working that border area to close it down from not only weapons but also jihadists coming in --”

LEVIN: “It’s more than just -- we’re trying to close down the Iranian border area too. The problem is that these weapons are coming from a state which is -- doesn't recognize Israel either, just like Iran doesn't. We’ve got to try to stop weapons coming into Iraq from any source that are killing our troops. I agree with the comments about trying to stop them coming in from Iran, I think we have to try stop them that are going to the Sunni insurgents as well as to the Shia. I was just wondering, does the military have a plan to, if necessary, to go into Syria to go to the source of any weapons coming from Syria? That are going to Sunni insurgents? That are killing our troops? … I think we ought to take action on all fronts including Syria and any other source of weapons coming in, obviously Iran is the focus – but it shouldn’t be the sole focus.” (Armed Services Committee, U.S. Senate, Hearing, 02/27/07)
In other words, Sen. Levin is proposing to take the fight to those who are backing enemies of the US. It's a position that I happen to support and which the Administration cannot pursue because Democrats like Levin have been sniping at his Iraq strategy for years without offering up a cogent policy to deal with Iraq, Iran, Syria, and other terror supporting regimes.

Mark Levin first commented on this earlier tonight. His segment left me wondering where exactly everyone is standing on the subject. After all, he points out that the US is considering sitting down with Syria and Iran to discuss Iraq. It would seem that brain transplants have occurred throughout D.C. What exactly does Sec. State Rice think that accomplishes? Those two rogue nations have absolutely no interest in peace in Iraq. They'd like to see Iraq in pieces, where they can benefit most from the anarchy. If it reduces US capabilities in the region, even better since their long range goal is to dominate the rest of the region - especially the Sunni populations.

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