Friday, January 26, 2007

Anarchy Watch In Gaza

The on-again, off-again nature of the Palestinian civil war is on-again, as eight more Palestinians died in a variety of incidents around Gaza and West Bank areas "controlled" by the PA.
A Hamas operative was shot while calling residents to particpate in a parade celebrating the anniversary of the Hamas government.

Meanwhile, Al-Aqsa brigade operatives kidnapped nine Hamas operatives near Nablus.

Earlier Friday, Hamas operatives killed a wounded Fatah fighter in a gangland-style slaying, Fatah officials said, capping a night of factional clashes in which a Hamas militiaman died in a bomb attack and each side took captives.

Fatah said a Hamas force firing rockets launched a predawn attack on the home of Nabil Jarjir, a member of the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades in the northern Gaza Strip, wounding him. As neighbors were taking the injured man to hospital the Hamas raiders stopped the car and killed Jarjir with a shot to the head, Fatah said.

Local Al-Aksa official Samih Madhoun vowed revenge. "Those who executed Jarjir will be punished," he said.

The attack on Jarjir's home came just hours after a roadside bomb was detonated as a squad of Hamas militiamen drove by. One militant was killed in that attack and seven were wounded, Hamas and hospital officials said. Hamas blamed Fatah for the bombing.

Both the attack on Jarjir and the bombing took place in the Jabalya refugee camp.
Hamas blames Fatah. Fatah blames Hamas. Everyone blames the Israelis for this mess, yet Israel has not been the one killing Palestinians in this most recent outburst of violence. It's all Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence to see whose thugs are going to control Gaza.

Happy anniversary! It's one year since Hamas won the elections called after Arafat's death - and what have the Palestinians gotten for their efforts? A 'government' that is even more ineffectual than the one under Arafat. It's even more isolated than before, and Hamas' refusal to accept Israel's existence means that the Palestinians are limited as to how much foreign aid they can get (though I believe they shouldn't be getting any as the money always gets siphoned off to support the war against Israel and not for humanitarian purposes.

Fatah is considering heavier firepower in its fight with Hamas, moving in armored vehicles closer to where the fighting is going on in Gaza. Then again, Fatah isn't exactly all cute and cuddly - they're holding nine Hamas members hostage in retaliation for the killing of Fatah members earlier in the day. As usual, expect Palestinian Islamic Jihad to seek their release in a deal that lets everyone save face.

No talks for you. After watching some of its thugs end up dead following attacks by Hamas, Fatah called off the latest negotiations to form a unity government. This is a running joke since they've been trying to form a unity government for the last year and it has never gotten past hello. Hamas refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist - a key precondition for letting that aid flow, and therefore the status quo continues, much to the detriment of the Palestinians who voted for this abomination in the first place. They got what they've deserved.

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