Saturday, December 02, 2006

Hizbullah's Siege

As Gaius of Blue Crab Boulevard notes, Hizbullah's 'tent city' in front of the Lebanese government buildings is not your typical tent city demonstration. This is a siege. They're not leaving until they destroy the Lebanese government and put one in that is more compliant to Hizbullah and Syria's demands.

Gateway Pundit
, as usual, has a lot more on the siege, and Hizbullah's endgame.

Thugs in a tent. This isn't about protest babes. It's the raw demonstration of power and there is nothing the Lebanese government can seemingly do about it. Neither can the March 14 supporters.

Prairie Pundit has more. Abu Kais at Michael Totten notes that the only countries not supporting the Lebanese government are Syria and Iran.

Here's a direct link to a Daily Star article showing the world's solidarity with the Siniora government. Notably absent is Syria and Iran. Both of those countries are engaging in realpolitik in a way that James Baker doesn't understand. They're actually applying all forms of pressure to expand their sphere of influence, and by doing so, they're undermining the West's power, prestige, and influence in the region.

The media has taken to using Hizbullah's terminology in framing the debate. The government is US-backed, even though the world and the US back Siniora's legitimate government. The problem is that the world is only providing words to back up the government, they are not providing physical assistance. Perhaps they want to see how things develop, but Hizbullah, Syria, and Iran are not above physically intervening in Beirut to overthrow the government.

After all, the elimination or removal of one more minister would topple the Siniora government, and Hizbullah and Syria would benefit the most from that situation.

The Daily Star has to be careful how it describes Hizbullah - they're in the direct line of fire if Hizbullah wants to deal with the paper. They call them hard-core opposition members. The BBC will only call them protesters in their headline, ignoring the fact that Hizbullah is an international terrorist group whose intentions are not only the destruction of Israel, but to turn Lebanon into Hizbullahstan. Would it have been too difficult for the BBC to write their headline: "Hizbullah Sets Up Camp in Beirut"? Not only is it more accurate and descriptive, but it tells you exactly who is behind the protests.

The situation is pretty bleak, and everyone is watching warily at what will happen next.

Gateway Pundit has video of what happens if someone doesn't follow Hizbullah's rules on not showing the Hizbullah flag. Also, does anyone else wonder why some of the Hizbullah-Aoun types are wearing orange bandanas? Seems that they're trying to take a page from Ukraine's Orange Revolution...

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