Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Disturbing If Confirmed

Tucked in a Jerusalem Post article about how Hamas is able to stay afloat economically - smuggling plays a big role, comes this juicy tidbit that deserves more attention and scrutiny:
Hamas officials have managed to smuggle more than $66 million in cash through the Rafah border crossing in the past eight months, a member of the Hamas-led government revealed Wednesday.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Hamas-led government claimed that Hamas representatives recently held talks with officials from the US Democratic Party at a secret location.

The sources told the Bethlehem-based Maan News Agency that Hamas representatives had also held secret talks with officials of European governments, including Britain and France.
Who, what, when, where, why, and how. Let's get to basics folks. Who met with which Hamas representatives. What happened in that meeting. Where did this meeting take place. Why? How did anyone associated with the US government, let alone members of the Democrat party meet. Was this a sanctioned meeting with the blessing of the Administration in an overall attempt to kickstart a peace process that should be considered dead because that is what Hamas has done to it by using Gaza as a springboard for continued attacks on Israel all the while denying Israel's right to even exist.

When I first posted on LGF, I wondered out loud whether Jimmy Carter was somehow involved in all this. Given his anti-Israel stance, and support for the genocidal terrorists running the Palestinian Authority these days, I think this is an avenue of investigation worth pursuing.

The matter is of great concern if there are members of the Democrat party who are busy engaging in diplomacy behind the back of the Administration. Not only would they be subverting the existing diplomatic efforts such as they are, but they could very well be violating federal law. Hamas is on the State Department's terror watch list, and could be construed as consorting with the enemies of the US.

Powerline also wonders who spoke with Hamas reps. Meryl Yourish finds the whole affair troublesome.

Others taking a closer look at the curiosity raised in the JPost article include The Jawa Report who points to the federal law on the subject, Hot Air is skeptical, Stop the ACLU, The Anchoress, and Ace of Spades.

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