Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cop Out

Did Time magazine have trouble trying to figure out the person of the year and voted for everyone, which is another way of saying that they voted for no one?

Here are a couple of other people who could have been chosen as Person of the Year for their contributions and/or impact on the world:

Charles Schumer - for being the money man behind the Democrat return to power in the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi - for managing to herd cats and knock off the GOP in the House.

George Bush - embattled and still fighting the war on terror as he thinks it must be fought, despite the lagging popularity of the war and the negative view of him personally.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
- the genocidal intentioned thug in charge in Iran. Run Holocaust denial conferences? Check. Call for destruction of Israel? Check. Work towards obtaining nuclear weapons? Check. Watching the UN flail about uselessly? Priceless.

Ariel Sharon - his policy of disengagement meant withdrawing Israel from Gaza and how do the Palestinians respond to this action, and Sharon's subsequent incapacitating stroke? They start a war, and are soon joined by Hizbullah who drags Lebanon into a war.

Nasrallah - the Hizbullah thug in charge who unilaterally pulled Lebanon into a devastating war with Israel and who now seeks to take over Lebanon by trying to take down the Siniora government.

The Insurgent - not a person, but a group whose successes aren't measured on the battlefield (because they haven't had any) but by the media's ability to turn their continued existence into a sign that the US has lost a war in Iraq.

Vladamir Putin - the former head of the KGB may be returning to his roots, going after political threats the old fashioned way. Assassinations and intimidations, including the very public death of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko.

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