Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Islamist Retort

Pope Benedict is in Turkey on what he hopes would be a fence mending effort with Muslims. The problem is that there are more than a few Muslims who would rather see Benedict dead, or submit to Islam than hear what he has to say about peaceful relations between Islam and Christianity or that violence spurred by religion is damaging to world affairs. Benedict even visited Istambul's Blue Mosque and met with various Muslim religious leaders.

What do the Islamists have to say? They think that the Pope's comments on Islam and violence will lead to more violence. Curious isn't it? The Islamists are using the fact that violence has been done in the name of Islam and even stating that basic fact is cause to commit and/or urge yet more violence.

Time and time again we've seen Muslims completely unwilling to tolerate any criticism of the religion and threaten those who offer the criticism with violence.

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