Friday, October 27, 2006

Dumb and Dumber

Not sure why NBC or the CW thinks that the commercials for the new Dixie Chicks movie isn't worthy of being broadcast on their network, but unless this is a calculated manufactured story to increase the exposure of the Dixie Chicks, NBC really doesn't have any reason to object to the commercials. The CW says that they do not have any programming content where the ads would be appropriate. Mmm-kay. Right.

The movie takes a look at the fallout from statements made by the band's members in 2003. Exciting stuff. Hey, whatever floats your boat. It's got Bush bashing, politics, Democrats, and red meat for Dixie Chick fans in a documentary style.

There are supposedly machinations to take legal action against the networks despite the fact that the networks have every right not to run the commercial. After all, it has its profits and bottom line to look after. This isn't so much a free speech issue as it is companies looking after the bottom line.

However, what do they think they gain from not running it? They get bad press, and may in the end run the ads anyway. Will it curry favor with those who think that the Dixie Chicks were way out of line or somehow censored. From what I can tell, the basic premise of the movie is that the Dixie Chicks were censored once their political views became known. If by censored they mean getting [more press and attention].

That's why I think it's part of a plan to increase exposure without running the ads. And it's not a bad strategy either. It increases the exposure at no cost to the studio.

Others noting the kerfuffle over the Dixie Chicks and the supposed snub by NBC and CW: Blue Crab Boulevard, The Political Pit Bull, Lorie Byrd and Outside the Beltway both note the style of this story has all the hallmarks of a PR stunt - even down to NBC and CW stating that there was no such snub but that the studio wasn't going to do a national buy, Ed Driscoll, and Ian Schwartz and Jo's Cafe.

Mary Katherine Ham, among others notes that it must be rough getting censored and appearing on the talk show circuit to discuss the censorship.

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