Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Conundrum, Part 19

Hamas is busy calling Fatah a stooge of the US. Well, Fatah can always say that while they were in power, the money didn't stop flowing, even when Fatah's proxy terror group the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade was busy killing Israelis. Hamas can't get money until it at least pays lip service to the idea of a two-state solution, even if it doesn't mean it.

Of course, the fighting between Fatah and Hamas isn't helping matter either. A Palestinian civil war has been brewing for quite some time, operating under the radar. Egypt is trying to force Hamas to step down from the government, and that isn't going to sit well with Hamas leaders either. I foresee a fatwa on Egypt. At a minimum, Hamas will call Egypt stooges of the US. Or of Fatah, which is trying to force the issue.

Israel wants a sit down with Lebanon, but doesn't want Syria there. Well, that's wishful thinking on Israel's part considering that Lebanon still is within Syria's sphere of influence.

This isn't a shock. UN peacekeepers relish the peace and quiet in Lebanon. Yeah, sure beats taking action on Darfur or disarming Hizbullah, like they're supposed to under UN SCR 1701, 1559, 425, and 426. And the moment they even consider enforcing those resolutions, things will change quickly. Hence, the reluctance to act as demanded by the UN itself. Everyone thinks that if the problems get ignored that they'll go away.

Of course, ignoring the problem doesn't apply to Israel, which is threatened by France because of its continuing overflights of Lebanon to make sure that Hizbullah isn't being rearmed.

An intel flaw is being blamed on the missile attack that damaged the INS Hanit. That's a pretty big flaw, and it isn't confined to that particular attack.

A major tunnel was discovered 12 meters deep beneath the Philadelphi route between Gaza and Egypt.

The new Grand Mufti of Jerusalem has no problem with terrorism against Israel to achieve the goals of a Palestinian state. That includes the use of suicide bombers.

Israel is now threatening a major assault into Gaza along the lines of their operations in Lebanon. That's not reassuring if you know how that turned out for all involved.

And if you haven't been following along, it appears that a Reuters photographer wasn't content simply photo editing his work. He was busy stage managing the actions of a bunch of rioters. More here.

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