Friday, September 01, 2006

What To Name The Met's New Stadium

Shea Stadium is set to be replaced by a new ballpark located in the existing stadium's parking lot. There have been quite a bit of discussion over what to name the new ballpark, which is being designed to recall the old Ebbets Field where the Brooklyn Dodgers played until they left for Los Angeles.

The one name that keeps popping up is Jackie Robinson.

What exactly does Robinson have to do with the Mets? Did he ever play for the team? No. He played for the Dodgers. I know that his role in breaking the color barrier cannot be underestimated in how baseball developed, but is naming the Mets ballpark after Robinson the right way to memorialize Robinson and his legacy?

The Interboro Parkway that begins not to far from Shea Stadium was renamed the Jackie Robinson Parkway in his honor. His spot in the Hall of Fame is richly deserved for both his work on and off the field.

The only folks that seem to think that the Mets should name the new ballpark after Robinson seem to be the Post. Robinson is already honored with having his number retired from baseball at every ballpark around the country [bonus trivia - the only current player to retain the number 42 is NY Yankee Mariano Rivera, who will likely have his number retired at the end of his illustrious career].

I can think of a better idea. If they're so interested in having a stadium named after Robinson, talk to the Dodgers and have them change the name of Dodger Stadium at Chavez Ravine to Jackie Robinson Stadium. Not only is it historically fitting, but Robinson played his entire career there.

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