Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Vatican Rag

Seems that quite a few folks are ragging on the Vatican and its promulgation of statements and clarifications, though most of those denigrating the Pope are Muslims who are not yet appeased. All this comes as a result of the Pope's theological discussion of the nature of G-d and the use of violence in G-d's name.

Michelle Malkin has a huge roundup, though one can't help but notice the striking similarities between the rioting over the Pope's statements and the earlier cartoon riots over the publication of cartoons by Jyllands Posten.

Security around the Pope has been beefed up as a result of the ongoing threats to the Pope's wellbeing by the Islamists. Outside the Beltway has more.

The Muslim Brotherhood wants a clearer statement from the Pope apologizing, despite earlier stating that the Pope's statements were sufficient.

Haniyeh condemns the attack on churches in Nablus. That's a strategic statement designed to eliminate one possible roadblock to recognition by the West.

Iranians demonstrate against the Pope's statements. One has to wonder just what the Iranian government actually said in its reporting of the Pope's statements. You know, accurately reflecting what the Pope stated, versus what they want the Pope to have said. After all, the Iranians want people to think that it was the US who wrote the speech.

That's actually a big question mark. How exactly are the Pope's comments being transmitted to these far flung regions.

In fact, we witnessed the murder of a nun in Somalia. The 77 year old woman was shot three times in the back. That murder comes on the heels of Somali Islamists calls for jihad against the Pope.

The Pope is not backing down, despite what many think. He's apologizing for the way Muslims are reacting to his statements, not for his statement.

One has to wonder just what exactly is being said about the ongoing crisis on the Left side of the Blogosphere. Not much if you go by Memeorandum's roundup.

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