Friday, September 22, 2006

New Terror Plot in Norway Thwarted

Four men suspected in connection with an attack on an Oslo synagogue are also accused of plotting to blow up the US and Israeli embassies, and killing Israel's ambassador, media reports said Friday.

The four were arrested Tuesday in connection with an attack on the Mosaic Religious Community synagogue. The Jewish house of worship was hit with at least 10 bullets early Sunday. No one was injured.

Police said Thursday that charges against them were being expanded to include plotting terrorism but gave no other details. They were seeking a court order Friday to continue holding the men for questioning.
One of the suspects had been detained briefly in Germany on suspicion of planning an act of terrorism against the soccer World Cup but released without charges. Also, he was charged with firing gunshots at the home of a Norwegian journalist in Oslo earlier this year according to reports.

Sounds to me like the Norweigan authorities may have broken a cell with links to Germany as well. One has to hope that the German authorities will reopen their investigation into this suspect and see who else he was communicating with and his other contacts in the country.

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