Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Egyptian Students Update

One Egyptian student has been located by law enforcement, while 10 others remain at large. The group of Egyptian students entered the US on student visas but failed to show up at the University of Montana at Bozeman.
The student was apprehended about 11 a.m. (noon ET) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a federal law enforcement official told CNN.

The official refused to provide the identity of the student or why the student was in Minnesota.

Agents from the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were questioning the student.

The search continues for the 10 remaining Egyptian students, authorities said.
Why was he in Minnesota? Well, maybe he got confused between Montana and Minnesota. Or he was sightseeing and just forgot to keep track of the time. Who knows, but you can bet that law enforcement is hoping they can track down those other 10 Egyptians.

Lots of questions. No good answers.

A total of three of the Egyptians are now in custody. Two more surrendered to police in New Jersey.
One student was arrested in Minnesota, and two others surrendered to authorities in New Jersey. They were among 11 students being sought by law enforcement after they failed to attend a monthlong program on the English language and U.S. history and culture in Bozeman, Mont., the FBI said.

Eslam Ibrahim Mohamed El-Dessouki, 21, was taken into custody in Minneapolis on an immigration violation. Two other students _ Mohamed Ragab Mohamed Abd Alla and Ebrahim Mabrouk Moustafa Abdou, both 22 _ surrendered to police in Manville, N.J., after hearing media reports that they were wanted, FBI spokesman Steven Siegal said.

Eight students remain at large. They arrived in New York on July 29 as part of a group of 17 students. Six students reported to Bozeman on time.

The missing students pose no terrorism threat, the FBI said.
I know the FBI says that the students pose no threats, but how sure are they of this?

Wizbang has the photos of the 11 Egyptian students, updated with the three that are now in custody of law enforcement.

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