Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well Here It Is, My First Post

After years of commenting on various blogs, and being one of the more frequent commentator on this blog, I have finally decided to try blogging from the other side.

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Legalbgl. Lawhawk and I have been friends for 20 years now. Lawhawk actually introduced me to Mrs. Legalbgl (Mrs. Lawhawk's best friend from High School.) I am an attorney in New York City, who practices primarily in commercial litigation.

Lawhawk and I share many the same interests and view points. We are both avid Quentin Terrentino fans, and can quote almost the entire script of both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. We are both huge sports fans, and play fantasy sports together. Lawhawk and I are both amateur photographers.

More importantly, we both tend to agree on political issues. That is not to say that we are carbon copies of each other. We do not always agree on every point, but usually, we agree on the big picture and on the overall process.

I want to thank Lawhawk for inviting me to contribute to A Blog For All. I know Lawhawk takes the content of this blog very seriously. I hope that I can contribute at the same high level that Lawhawk has set since creating this Blog. As you read my posts you will see that Lawhawk and I have different styles. I think that our styles compliment each other well.

I hope you continue to enjoy A Blog For All and enjoy my posts. I look forward to reading your comments and encourage them, especially if you disagree with Lawhawk's or my comments. Free and open debate, a free flow of exchange of ideas, is the most important fundamental right we have. Lets all exercise that right.

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