Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hamas Wants Hudna

Hamas needs a strategic break in the action to regroup and rearm. They want to call a 'ceasefire.' Israel shouldn't fall for this trick, for that is precisely what it is. Every time a ceasefire is called, it only serves to extend the conflict not shorten it. Time is not on Hamas' side, and they know it.
The Hamas government wants a ceasefire with Israel and is willing to ask Palestinian militants to stop firing rockets from Gaza into the Jewish state, a spokesman said on Thursday.

But Ghazi Hamad said Israel had to first stop military activity in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The Islamic militant group scrapped a 16-month truce with Israel last Friday and soon after launched a barrage of makeshift rockets at the Jewish state from Gaza.

"I spoke today with the prime minister and he said we definitely want quiet everywhere. We are interested in a ceasefire everywhere," Hamad, speaking in Hebrew, said in an interview on Israel Radio.
The terrorists have been firing mortars and rockets into Israel on a regular basis over the entire time since Hamas came into power. The increase in attacks came as a response to Israel eliminating several terrorist leaders, and in response to an alleged artillery strike that killed Palestinian civilians. That attack on a Gaza beach appears to have been caused by the Palestinians themselves, not Israel.

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