Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ann Coulter: Plagarist?

Does anyone think that folks who plagarize will manage to get away with it for very long with the wayback machine (aka the Internet) available to run searches or with sophisticated programs designed to ferret out plagarism? Apparently they still think so, if the run of highly publicized incidents is a sign that folks aren't doing a good job sourcing their materials and giving proper citation.

Well, it appears that Ann Coulter has some explaining to do about some of the text from her latest book, Godless. If confirmed, she's definitely hurt her own cause (which among other things is shameless self promotion). I don't care for her schtick, and some of her comments are outlandish and over the top.

I can forgive some of the over the top comments, but I can't forgive the plagarism. She better have a good explanation, or her career is going to be heading for a fall.

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