Sunday, April 09, 2006

Three Years Since The Statue Came Down

It's been three years since the historic event of Iraqis pulling down the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad while the cameras rolled. Since then, there has been much bloodshed, many a tear, and quite a bit of infighting among Iraqis, and just as importantly, Americans who think that the war was unjustified, fought under false pretenses or worse [and those who think the war was the right thing to do]. These folks point to the rising death toll of American troops killed in Iraq.

Some people point to the fact that parts of Baghdad still are dangerous places, or that the city has ongoing power distribution problems. Yet, they fail to realize that the problems are attributed not only to ongoing violence, but literally explosive demand for electricity in a country whose infrastructure is woefully inadequate.

Yet, for the Iraqi people, this is Liberation Day.

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Clarified a point above. Also, this is going to serve as an open post for the rest of the day. Others blogging the third anniversary, some of which are guest postings by Gold Star Parents, include: Instapundit, Mudville Gazette, The Jawa Report, Atlas Shrugs, Don Singleton, Ed Driscoll, Sister Toldjah, Power Line, Hyscience, Winds of Change, and Ankle Biting Pundits.

UPDATE: And Kim at Wizbang, Done With Mirrors

Hammorabi takes a pessimistic outlook on this third anniversary. Frankly, I don't blame him. His country has been run into the ground for so long, that the Iraqis are quite willing to tear it apart in sectarian violence rather than try and get a deal done. It's the view of a cynic who has seen his country torn apart by violence for year after year, with no end in sight. The problem is that Iraqis need to truly step up and call out those who are doing the violence.

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