Thursday, April 27, 2006

Synchronicity Redux

The battle within the CIA continues as former agents are still able to run amok as consultants with the agnecy - trying to get other agents to turn against the Administration and violate their oaths in the process.

And things get even more curious as Dan Riehl pulls out an old copy of the Washington Post and finds something rather peculiar. It's called an earlier version of the Dana Priest secret prison story, except that the earlier version was nearly devoid of partisan sniping and that the issue of rendition was seen as a positive way of dealing with terrorists. This could explain how and why McCarthy can claim that she wasn't the leaker all while lying and getting fired for violating her oath and terms of employment. Someone else was leaking information on the secret prisons and rendition and the Washington Post decided to revisit the story, albeit in a more partisan fashion. That person or persons have been leaking information since late 2002, which means that Porter Goss has some serious housecleaning to do. And that explains why we keep hearing about disgruntled CIA officers - they are the ones who Goss is looking at as having leaked sensitive and classified information about operations crucial to obtaining actionable intel.

Hot Air also looks at Dan's find and thinks of the curiousities that abound as a result of the recycling of news stories - and what it means for the Washington Post, the media at large, and the CIA.

Goss isn't just looking at current officers, but retired officers as well. That's probably a real good idea. Rick Moran has more. Kesher Talk notes that former agents are being warned to limit unapproved contacts with reporters.

AJ Strata and Mac Ranger are both delving into the morass that is the CIA leak investigation.

Confederate Yankee also notes the earlier coverage - and proceeds to rip the Washington Post some more.

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