Monday, April 17, 2006

And Again

A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up outside a fast-food restaurant in a bustling commercial area of Tel Aviv during the Passover holiday Monday, killing seven other people and wounding at least 49, police said.

A security guard posted outside the restaurant, the target of a suicide bombing in January, prevented Monday's bomber from entering the building, police said.

It was the first suicide attack in Israel since the Hamas militant group took over the Palestinian government 2 1/2 weeks ago. Hamas, which has killed hundreds of Israelis in attacks, has largely observed a cease-fire since February 2005.

The Islamic Jihad militant group, which is believed to be funded in part by Iran and refuses to observe a cease-fire, claimed responsibility in a telephone call to The Associated Press. The attack came a day after the group pledged to carry out more attacks.
Iran is just begging to be attacked by someone, anyone really, considering its belligerent statements over the past few months, and its ongoing funding of international terrorist groups, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

And while this is the first successful suicide bombing in a while, it is far from the first attack on Israel over the past year. Rocket and mortar attacks against Israeli territory has been an ongoing problem since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, which has forced Israel to engage in counterbattery fire. So, for anyone to say that Hamas has largely observed the ceasefire is nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind.

It's a 'cease fire' only in that there have been no successful attacks - and not for lack of trying. It's a 'cease fire' only because Hamas is losing the ability to conduct such attacks. It's a 'cease fire' only because Hamas needs more time to rebuild its ability to conduct such attacks. It's not a 'cease fire' but a hudna - a strategic pause that enables the Palestinian terrorists the opportunity to rearm, reequip, and recruit new suicide bombers and those who can carry out attacks. And even the article has to note that the restaurant that was attacked was hit before - this past January to be exact:
The bomber struck "The Mayor's Felafel" restaurant, which was targeted in a Jan. 19 attack that wounded 20 people. The restaurant is in the bustling Neve Shaanan neighborhood near Tel Aviv's central bus station, which was crowded with holiday travelers.
Israel owes a debt of gratitude to the security officer at the restaurant who stopped the suicide bomber from entering the restaurant, which could have resulted in even higher casualties.

The death toll is now eight.

The Moderate Voice and Meryl Yourish are both covering the latest news on the bombing in Tel Aviv.

And Qatar decides to announce today that it is giving $50 million to the PA and Hamas for continued 'governmental operations.'
The official Qatar News Agency said the funds were offered to “bolster the budget of the Palestinian authority based on the decision of the Arab summit held in Khartoum” in March.
Michelle Malkin has more. Prime Minister Olmert says he knows how to respond. The real question is whether he will carry through with what must be done - finish the security fence and go after the terrorists who perpetrated this latest attack. And that means doing more than firing artillery against empty buildings or fields.

The death toll is now up to nine. And 65 wounded. Others blogging include: With Issues, who wonders how old the suicide bomber was - and thinks he's no more than 15; and Sister Toldjah; [updated] and Carl in Jerusalem has regular updates and reports from the Israeli press.

Imagine if Hamas wasn't taking a more moderate tone. And we're talking about state-sponsored terrorism as Hamas has defending this suicide bombing as a legitimate action. Fatah, at least, had the common sense to at least pay lip service to diplomatic fallout. Hamas couldn't care less - it's intentions are clear. Michelle Malkin has new updates. Flopping Aces has more.

More reactions are coming in from the blogosphere. Prarie Pundit thinks that the Palestinians have abused language long enough. Outside the Beltway thinks that the terrorist attack as a defense rings hollow.

Right Wing Howler wonders why the media isn't asking questions as to why Israel isn't simply using the terrorist attack as a casus belli for going to war with the Palestinians. After all, Hamas has condoned the action and Hamas is in charge of the Palestinian Authority which governs the territories.

Big Pharoah can't believe the terrorists sent a kid. Well, apparently he was 21, but it wouldn't be the first time the Palestinians sent kids to be suicide bombers. Some have been caught by Israeli security before blowing themselves up - they're too scared to go through with it. Others are mentally challenged and don't even know what they're being asked to do. As for how he managed to get through Israeli security, one only has to look at a map to figure it out. The security fence isn't finished - and therefore no way to keep all the suicide bombers out. Besides, who expects kids to be bombers? That's also the reason why male bombers dressed as female bombers (see last week's bombings in Iraq) have been successful.

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler engages in some rough language for the Palestinians. Neoneocon looks at the heroics of the security guard at the restaurant, who saved countless lives by preventing the suicide bomber from entering the restaurant and also notes that Hamas considers killing Israelis while eating at a restaurant a legitimate act.

Powerline similarly notes that Hamas approves of the means and methodologies - killing Israelis with suicide bombers.

Blue Star Chronicles also blogs the coverage.

Via Wizbang comes this on Gateway Pundit who finds what a former Democratic Senator has to say about the situation:
Former Democratic Senator Jim Abourezk on Bush's "Unparalleled Mendacity" and the "Complete Sell Out" of the Democrats as reported today at CounterPunch and Democracy Rising:
To stop the occupation, one must put an end to the incentives provided to Israel that keep them occupying. Those incentives are the financial and political support provided to that occupation by the United States Congress and president, and the radical Zionists throughout the country. When American taxpayers' money stops flowing to Israel, Israel will stop the occupation and pull back inside the 1967 borders, which will put an end to the conflict there. I am realistic enough to know that, because the Congress is pretty much reliant on money from radical Zionists, stopping the flow of American taxpayers' money to Israel will not come soon. But the sooner it does end, the sooner the violence will stop.
So, blame the victims. Lovely.

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