Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On 24: The Security Debacle - The Initech Solution

Last night's back-to-back episodes show what can happen if terrorists can manage to infiltrate secure locations. How did this particular terrorist manage to gain entry to CTU?

Using a stolen keycard that happened to include a photo ID and an encrypted code, the terrorist managed to not only enter CTU, but did so without having any of his personal belongings checked. That's a security faux-pas of the worst kind.

No X-ray scanning of his bags, which would have revealed the nerve gas container and relay switch. None of the red shirts noticed the package and questioned the terrorist about what was in the bag. Heck, the terrorist could have carried in a guitar case full of guns, and the red shirts wouldn't have given it a second glance. It would seem the red shirts only were keen on living up to their reputation as fuel for the body count at Blogs4Bauer.

40% of CTU Los Angeles was killed as a result of this terrorist attack, and that greatly threatens the security of the country. These errors of judgment on security matters must be addressed promptly and directly.

That's where Initech comes in.

So, what is Initech proposing to do? Simple. Initech would require newly designed TPS reports v. to be filed in triplicate. Paper beats gas under "rock, paper, scissors, and nerve gas."

Thus, Initech expects within 3-6 months new biometric scanners and x-ray scanners would be installed at CTU Los Angeles. This program should be easily implemented due to the revision of CTU staffing requirements. Between attrition and staffing reductions, the new program would pay for itself within 12 months of implementation.

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