Friday, March 10, 2006

Hamas Considers Israel's Existence Declaration of War

While the headline blares that Hamas considers Israel's consideration of declaring its own borders unilaterally to be a declaration of war, I would be remiss to remind my readers that Hamas is already at a state of war with Israel.

And it has been at war with Israel since Hamas was formed. Hamas doesn't recognize Israel's very right to exist. No Palestinian maps provide for Israel alongside a Palestinian state. No rights whatsoever. It says so in the Hamas Covenant. Indeed, the very nature of Hamas was to further the goal of eliminating Israel altogether.

At Hamas rallies, the terrorist minions don't talk about coexisting with Israel, they talk about annihilating the Zionists - destroying Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reports on this story:
Hamas leader abroad, Khaled Mashaal, said Friday that Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to create Israel's permanent borders by 2010 is "a declaration of war" on the Palestinian people.

According to Mashaal, "this is not a peace plan, rather a declaration of war that would enable Israel to hold on to a large portion of the West Bank and Jerusalem, keep the wall, the settlements, and delay the right of return. Olmert is in the process of committing the same mistakes as Ariel Sharon."

Olmert told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that Israel's permanent borders will be set within the next four years, a period during which construction will also begin in the controversial E1 section between Ma'aleh Adumim.

The acting prime minister said he intended within the next four years to "get to Israel's permanent borders, whereby we will completely separate from the majority of the Palestinian population and preserve a large and stable Jewish majority in Israel."
Israel does not have a partner with which it can negotiate final borders. So, Israel has made the tactical and strategic decision to draw the borders itself. Those borders would closely hew to the pre 1967 Green Line, but Israel would retain all of Jersualem and many of the surrounding communities that sprang up after Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in 1967 (after Israel warned Jordan not to get involved in the war in the first place, but Jordan's King Hussein was compelled to do so at the behest of the Syrians and Egyptians).

For a group that has not won a single war or engagement with Israel, who openly and routinely uses the media to advance its agenda against Israel, Hamas is talking tough though it is in no position to do so. Donor countries are in the process of limiting funds to the Palestinian Authority (though Iran may more than make up for the cessation of Western funding). The economy, a train wreck before Hamas took over, is not faring any better. There's incessant infighting between Hamas and the PLO/Fatah. The security situation in Gaza is poor at best.

So, Hamas is doing what Arab dictators have always done when things go bad. They blame Israel for making them worse. As if the fence or separation or unilateral actions would have been necessary in the first place had any of the Palestinian leaders (Arafat, Mazen, et al.) been rational and agreed to the overly generous terms offered in the past.

Meanwhile, Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists continue their war against Israel on a daily basis. Missiles and rockets are launched into Israeli territory. Suicide bombers and car bombers try to infiltrate into Israel to commit mass murder.

As per LGF, Jimmy Carter has no problem rolling over for Hamas and giving in to terrorism. Not to mention distorting history, and overlooking the simple fact that Hamas seeks Israel's destruction, the PLO Charter has never been amended to remove its own references to Israel's destruction as its ultimate goal, nor have the Palestinians actively or passively sought to change the education curriculum to eliminate the aggressive and rampant anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli content found in Palestinian texts. From the earliest age, Palestinian children are taught nothing but hatred towards Israel, and poisons yet another generation against even the prospect of peace.

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