Monday, February 20, 2006

Questioning Mark Zaid on Able Danger

Earlier this evening, a number of bloggers participated in a conference call with Mark Zaid, attorney for Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer and other Able Danger figures. The call was organized by Mike Kasper of the Able Danger Blog. More questions were apparently raised than answered, which is par for the course. I've been fascinated about the utter disinterest in the media about the story, considering all the ramifications - 9/11, NSA eavesdropping, data mining, government secrecy, national security, and all manner of related issue.

Yet, the networks haven't shown much interest in running with the story and most other major media outlets have taken a pass. That's yet another curiosity that deserves greater attention and investigation. For the latest blogging on Able Danger, see:

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