Friday, February 24, 2006

A Night on Broadway

Last night we saw The Producers (part of the Valentine's Day gift between myself and Mrs. Lawhawk). It's a great show, and definitely brings out Mel Brooks' humor in the most crass and imaginative ways. And that's a good thing. The show is totally not PC, and that's also a good thing. Brooks can get away with stuff that should be cringeworthy, but the humor shines through.

I wont get into a comparison between the show and the original movie and some of the plot twists, but the show holds up well on its own.

While the show was excellent and we both had a great time, Mrs. Lawhawk nearly hyperventilated as we walked through Shubert Alley and saw David Hyde Pierce giving autographs outside Spamalot. That totally made her evening.

If you're in a rush to catch a show on Broadway and need a good cheap eat, Ollie's Noodle House on 44th Street is the place to go. They'll get you in and out in no time flat, and their dumplings and scallion pancakes are excellent.

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