Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Keelhaul All of Them

Jack Abramoff is a lobbyist who took liberties with the law. So did a bunch of politicians on both sides of the aisle who dealt with him. All should be referred for criminal prosecution.
Lobbyist Jack Abramoff will plead guilty to federal charges in Washington and Miami, clearing the way for him to cooperate in a massive government investigation of influence peddling involving members of Congress, lawyers said Tuesday.

As part of the deal, prosecutors were filing conspiracy, fraud and tax evasion charges against the embattled lobbyist, a Justice Department official said.

Abramoff was scheduled to appear at a hearing in U.S. District Court here later Tuesday, said department spokesman Bryan Sierra. Abramoff was expected to plead guilty to three charges as part of his agreement.

Abramoff was then to plead guilty to two criminal charges in Florida stemming from a 2000 purchase of a fleet of gambling boats, said Neal Sonnett, his attorney there.

Abramoff will plead guilty to two of the six charges in a federal indictment, Sonnett said.
I have absolutely no use for criminal behavior and it is inexcusable for anyone to take money as part of an influence peddling scheme such as Abramoff developed.

Lots of powerful and influential politicians have been named in relation to Abramoff, including Tom DeLay and Charles Rangel. Anyone calling for investigations in a partisan tone wont like the outcome since it is just as likely that many of their own will be taken out behind the woodshed.

And for that reason, expect Congress to hunker down and hope that the Abramoff investigation goes away like a bad nightmare.

Scrappleface skewers the scandal and got a trip to Scotland out of it and Wizbang notes that Democrats shouldn't start popping champagne (or even the cheap California stuff) just yet.

Here's more on just who might be caught up in this scandal. It's a Who's Who List of American Politicians. It includes: Daschle, Dorgan and Reid, and Charles Rangel. Gotta love those Indian casinos. Money flowing everywhere, especially into the pockets of politicians.

Flopping Aces has a comprehensive posting showing the extent to which that Jack Abramoff and his associates wooed Democrats. Some interesting names on that list, including Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, and Joe Lieberman. Don't worry as Teddy K is also on the list, along with Patty Murray (who nabbed more than 60 large), but John Kerry netted nearly $100,000.

Michelle Malkin has more as does Debbie Schlussel and Gay Patriot who has some interesting personal connections to the man, and thinks this is a double tragedy.

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