Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito's In the Comfy Chair After All

Samuel Alito is in the comfy chair after all and should expect to be confirmed after all is said and done. The Senate Democrats who are questioning Alito and putting him on the hot seat by exposing his supposedly ultra-right wing agenda, have instead turned the confirmation hearings into a joke. They not only can't get out of their own way, but have screwed up on basic facts. Repeatedly.

And one of the witnesses who got dropped from the witness list is complaining about it. The guy, Stephen Dujack, thinks that Drudge and others screwed his chance at testifying about Alito's record at Princeton. Of course, Dujack's credibility is strained to the max, but hey, the guy's a journalist. Cut him some slack.

Don't expect a filibuster either, as it appears that the Democrats simply don't have the votes or even the polling to support such a move. It's not as though any of the Democrats shut up long enough to let Alito put his own foot in his mouth through his comments either.

The hearings are supposed to enlighten the Senate and any interested viewers as to Alito's views, not to hear Senator Biden used most of his allotted time speaking instead of listening. That's right. If you want to know where Alito stands on an issue, you have to let him talk.

But what did you expect - these guys love to hear their own voices (and that goes for both sides of the aisle). Problem for some of these guys is that opening their mouth removes all doubt as to their own lack of intelligence. For someone who claims that they can be brief in their comments, Sen. Biden spent the first 13 minutes of his allotted 30 minutes prefacing his comments before he got around to asking a single question.

Dglover introduces us to Whack-a-Pol. It's just too easy. Too many targets, too little time.

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