Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Small Step For Border Control

After avoiding the issue of border control for decades, we're finally seeing the first tentative steps. We're actually considering building a 600 mile-long fence along the Mexican border.

That howling you hear? That's Vicente Fox who's got to figure out how to get Mexicans across the border into the US so that they can earn enough money to continue propping up the Mexican economy.

That screeching you hear? That's the anti-Americans who think the US has just adopted the Zionist fencing techniques that Israel utilizes to maintain its national security against terrorists who seek to infiltrate into Israel to kill and maim as many Israelis as possible.

And, that golf clap you hear? That's Michelle Malkin who is cautiously applauding this belated step to take control over our porous borders. The Immigration Blog breaks down specific provisions, and finds some provisions wanting. Roadkill Journal says it's about time.

The Corner also notes the fence legislation.

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