Tuesday, December 20, 2005

September 10 Mindsets

Point Five has come up with an instant classic - a calendar for the Democratic Party.

Of course, it's perpetually on September 10, 2001, but for them, every day is 9/10. With all the recent revelations about wiretaps, eavesdropping, and other intel gathering techiques, it is hard to reconcile with the outrage by Democrats.

Why is there outrage that the NSA actually does its job by gathering intel from wiretaps, scanning the electromagnetic spectrum for communications between enemies of the US outside the country to those within? That's their job. And the better they do their job, the more likely they can find terrorists planning to attack US interests worldwide and here at home.

Roving wiretaps make that job easier, as does the selective use of FISA, or the Presidential order to take actions as necessary when time-pressure prevents the ordinary use of FISA.

For all the screaming by Democrats, answer me this - how is the President of the US supposed to carry out his Constitutional duties to protect and defend the citizens of the US when the tools available to him are taken off the table? How can the President protect and defend against terrorist plots unless we know of them by intelligence gathering. If intelligence gathering is restricted, terrorists can and will exploit the possibility, putting the lives of Americans at risk.

On the one hand Democrats cry 'civil rights abuses' and 'impeachable offenses' but on the other there is no actual impeachable offense for doing the job of the President - to protect and defend the US of A.

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