Sunday, December 18, 2005

Photo of the Day

the grapes of mmmmm...

I will probably have a few postings later in the day, but I've got to get some materials together. Writing a blog is very much like creating wine. One must start with the terroir and the grapes to make wine. For bloggers, it's original stories, the research, and methods. In the end, you hope that you've bottled the essence of your thoughts and expectations. Some styles may not suit your interests or tastes, but sometimes you hit a chord and become an unexpected success.

These particular grapes were taken from a vineyard on the North Fork of Long Island.

And at some point in the next few years, the wine from those grapes may cross the lips of someone who cracks open a bottle of wine. And like some blog postings, they may get better with age.

[it's amazing what a few grapes can do for inspiration.]

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