Friday, December 09, 2005

Oh Vino, My Vino

But as the holiday season nears, wine lovers have bumped up against the bureaucratic ways of New York State, whose agencies - as of Thursday night at least - have yet to carry through on the law and allow shipping companies to actually deliver wine to New York from other states.

Officials with FedEx, U.P.S. and groups representing California wine growers say that one of the holdups has been the state's demand that delivery employees, who work with hand-held computers, fill out cumbersome paper forms when making the deliveries.

An official for the State Liquor Authority said that the paperwork requirement was not the cause for the delay. And on Thursday evening, a state official said that an announcement would be made on Friday that U.P.S. had been approved to make wine deliveries in the state. But almost five months after the law's passage, wine lovers might be excused for not believing it until they see it.
Government dragging its feet? Say it isn't so. Excessive paperwork requirements and lots of red tape? In New York? That's crazy talk.

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