Monday, December 19, 2005

Crook Takes Credit For Repugnant Acts


A short time ago, I wrote of a thoroughly repugnant incident where a soldier recovering from his injuries at Walter Reed Medical Center received a most disgusting letter.

At the time, it was thought that it was the work of child who was acting at the behest of an adult. We have now learned that it is the work of a sick and twisted adult - not a child at all.

Michelle Malkin has the details. I have absolutely no intention to link to the heartless, witless, and spineless thing that sent these letters to current and former members of the US Armed Forces. However, his letters may have constituted criminal actions that can and should be investigated.

Two Babes and a Brain, which helped break the original story, doesn't mince words - Crook's a S#ithead. At a minimum.

What this shows is that there is still a segment of the US population that thinks it appropriate to spit on members of our armed forces because they do not approve of the way that they're used, let alone that they exist for the protection of all of us. It's one thing to hold a principled stand against war, or to oppose the war in Iraq, but to personally attack members of the Armed Forces is beneath contempt.

Stuck on Stupid and AJ Strata both comment on the idiocy of Crook. And Stuck on Stupid notes that Crook has been involved in anti-military a$$hattery in the past.

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