Friday, November 11, 2005

Investigating Jordanian Bombing Continues

120 people have been arrested in connection with the investigation into the bombing of three hotels in Amman, Jordan that killed 57 people. And the Jordanians, who didn't seem to mind when the suicide bombing carnage ripped through Iraq or Israel, suddenly realized that they don't like being on the receiving end:
Thousands of Jordanians, meanwhile, protested across Amman for a second day Friday to condemn the terror attacks and denounce al-Zarqawi.

''Al-Zarqawi you are a coward, Amman will remain safe,'' chanted some 3,000 protesters winding through Amman past the city's al-Husseini Mosque after midday prayers.
Somewhere, Martin Niemoller is smirking. It's okay when suicide bombings happen to the infidels and the Zionists, but when the jihadists start taking on fellow Muslims - Sunni Muslims at that - the terrorists have gone too far. Zarqawi is Jordanian by birth, and he's now striking out at Muslim wedding celebrations that are too Westernized? This is what it has come to for the terrorists?

They can't go after US forces because the terrorists die in large numbers. They resort to IEDs and those have limited effects on tanks and heavily armored vehicles. So, they go after the Iraqi forces, which aren't nearly as heavily armored and protected. When that doesn't deter Iraqis from signing up to join the military, security, and police forces, the terrorists go after schools, restaurants, and shops. Yet that doesn't stop business from going on and people getting on with their lives. So the terrorists try to expand their operations into neighboring Jordan, which has been a fence-sitter for the last two decades. It recognizes Israel, but sided with Iraq in the first Gulf War. It opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but it still remains friendly with the US. It's more Westernized than Saudi Arabia, and for that it had to be punished by Zarqawi and his minions.

Four Iraqis carried out the bombings, which killed 57 people. And terrorism struck close to home as Andrew Breitbart comments on the death of his friend Rima Akkad.

The New York Times uses the e-word to describe the suicide bombings in Jordan. Someone will be fired for that offense. LGF has the details.

The Washington Post buried the Jordanian bomb investigation on page A21. Well, priorities and all that. A story about a woman who robbed four banks all while yapping away on her cellphone deserved higher billing after all.

Tanker at Ace of Spades notices the following:
Islamist Terrorists who kill Israelis are militants.
Islamist Terrorists who kill Iraqis are insurgents.
Islamist Terrorists who kill Russians are armed gangs.
Islamist Terrorists who kill Londoners near the BBC headquarters are terrorists.

IRIS Blog tries to put to rest the rumor that Israelis were warned to get away from the hotels where terrorists right before the attacks. From the moment the Ha'aretz story ran, it had urban legend written all over it, but that doesn't stop the media from peddling BS - just look at the nonsense they spew regarding New Orleans' Superdome violence (babies raped and murdered) - when no such acts ever took place.

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