Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chinese Spy Ring Busted

Read it all. This would have been a significant hit to US national security.

Bill Gertz has the lowdown on the spying that goes to the heart of the US military capabilities - specifically submarine technologies. China is continuing its espionage offensive against the US that started during the 1990s.

Chapomatic wonders if anything can be kept a secret and whether the focus on tourists taking snapshots of stuff, rather than the guys who are getting the technical readouts on submarines and other military equipment. I think we need to be concerned with both - the spy who poses as a tourist to case potential targets and the spies who are trying to obtain the technical data.

Ultraquiet No More fears that we're facing a situation where we'll be outnumbered and compromised on our technology. It's a serious question that demands serious answers. It takes time to invent and bring new technology into the fleet, and if the Chinese were able to make a multigenerational leap due to data obtained from spies that have penetrated the US submarine development community, then we will be facing a far more serious threat far sooner, and with fewer ships at that.

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