Friday, October 28, 2005

Media Coverage of UNSCAM Sparse

Newsbusters has been covering UNSCAM lately, and found that the networks aren't all covering the story the way you'd think they should. After all, this is a multibillion dollar scandal, involving lots of powerful people, multiple countries, and deals directly with Iraq and Saddam Hussein.

NBC covered the story that I addressed yesterday - namely that the Volcker report named more than 2,000 companies involved in the schemes and scandal, with the most companies coming from Russia, followed by France. ABC and CBS? They didn't even run the story during their evening newscasts. Why? It's most certainly newsworthy. They could have snuck in a few seconds of airtime somewhere. Curious.

CNN, meanwhile, decided to focus on Oliver Wyatt, who pleaded guilty last week to charges stemming from UNSCAM. He's a Texas oilman. So instead of covering the breaking news of the 2,000 companies involved, with the highest numbers coming from the two countries that most vigorously defended Saddam and resisted the US attempts to enforce UN resolutions, CNN focused on the guy from Texas who gave himself up to investigators. Curious.

Raging Right Wing Republican has been providing regular updates and Spartacus has a chart to simplify how oil for food worked.

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