Thursday, August 04, 2005

Air America Enron

How is it that the mainstream media is skipping over the story of Air America using nearly $900,000 that was supposed to go to a New York area charity and has so far refused to repay the charity?


They don't think that the impropriety of a liberal radio network using money meant for a charity to help inner-city kids is a scandal worthy of their time (or ours), despite the fact that if it were a conservative radio network accused of doing the same, they would have the story on the front page every day until the involved individuals were convicted in the court of public opinion.

Brian Maloney has more.

So does Hugh Hewitt:
We know a lot about the medications Rush Limbaugh has taken.
We know a great deal about Bill O'Reilly's troubles.

But thus far we don't know much about how Al Franken got paid the big bucks last year, when all of the mainstream media seemed to be cheering his debut.
In fact, one should wonder where all that money came from when there were consistent reports of revenue and money problems at the network. How are these guys getting paid if there is such a money crunch.

Perhaps, we now know. They were taking money meant for kids.

Kudos to Michelle Malkin for keeping this story going.

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