Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The WTC in November

1WTC as seen from Greenwich Street at Dey Street inside Ground Zero. The building in the foreground is the National 9/11 Museum.
1WTC reflecting in 4WTC.
Looking across West Street towards the 9/11 Memorial, the Vehicle Security Center, and where the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church may eventually be built.
Looking across West Street and seeing 4WTC on the left and the stump of 3WTC rising in the middle. The foreground buildings are ventilation and utility facilities for the WTC complex.
Looking north towards 1WTC and the completed base. The 9/11 memorial grove can be seen in the mid-ground.
Taking the escalator to or from Brookfield Place (former WFC) gives you a great view of the steel structure that shows that form doesn't have to follow function without being artful.
Looking across the Hudson River at Lower Manhattan from Hoboken.
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