Friday, January 06, 2012

Arab League Asks Hamas For Help In Stabilizing Situation in Syria

Yes folks, you've read that headline right. The Arab League has asked the terrorist group Hamas for help on stabilizing the situation in Syria. That's little different from wanting to throw gasoline on a fire or having the fox guard the henhouse.
The head of the Arab League said on Friday he had asked the Damascus-based leader of the Palestinian movement Hamas to ask the Syrian government to work to halt violence in the country.

Arab League Secretary General Nabil Elaraby was speaking alongside Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal after a meeting in Cairo.

"I gave him a message today to the Syrian authorities that it is necessary to work with integrity, transparency and credibility to halt the violence that is happening in Syria," he said.

Earlier Friday, a suicide bomber in Syria's capital Damascus killed 25 people and wounded 46 others, local news station Addounia said.
That comes just hours after the Arab League admitted that its monitors and Syria mission had made mistakes and were looking towards the United Nations for assistance.

Hamas has no interest other than self preservation when it comes to Syria. Hamas leaders have called Damascus home and the terror group has received aid and comfort from the Syrian regime led by Bashar al Assad. What kind of stabilization is the Arab League looking for here? Yet another extrajudicial militia running around Syria killing opponents of the regime? That's what would be the end result.

All the while, Assad's loyalists and security forces continue attacking protesters around the country and there was yet another bombing with 25 killed. Assad blames terrorists and the opposition demands an independent inquiry claiming that Assad's forces are carrying on a bombing campaign to implicate and discredit the opposition as well as justify the crackdown.

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