Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taliban Go On Murderous Spree Of Bombings and Attacks Across Afghanistan and Pakistan

Everyone around the NYC metro area has seen the increased security ahead of 9/11 and the warnings about a potential, but unconfirmed attack planned in conjunction with the 9/11 commemoration.

Well, what if we got the right intel, but the wrong place.

The Taliban have gone on a massive murdering spree, with multiple attacks across Afghanistan targeting US and ISAF forces and additional attacks in Pakistan. There's the ongoing attacks against US facilities in Kabul

That follows an ISAF base hit on 9/11 itself. A suicide bomb truck detonated along a perimeter wall and the resulting explosion injured dozens of US soldiers and killed several Afghans.

Now, this could be coincidence, but I don't think it was. There was chatter about high profile attacks, and a mass casualty attack on a US military base and the US embassy would certainly fit that bill of al Qaeda/Taliban seeking to carry out mass casualty attacks against the US.

It doesn't have the same cachet as a bomb blowing up people in Times Square (and certainly wont get the same level of press if such a bombing occurred during the 9/11 anniversary week), but had this been a bombing that killed scores of Americans in Afghanistan, it would have fit the Taliban/al Qaeda goal of murdering Americans during the anniversary period.

This doesn't mean that American law enforcement should relax; just because the anniversary has come and gone doesn't mean that the terror cells haven't stopped proliferating or plotting further attacks. It means that the public has to remain vigilant and law enforcement has to continue working to disrupt plots before they can become operational.

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