Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Perimeter Walk Around Ground Zero

The tour starts outside Engine 10 located on the South side of Ground Zero. We're looking North across the WTC memorial and towards 1WTC. The World Financial Center is in the background:

This photo shows from left to right, the Goldman Sachs building (just outside Ground Zero to the NW), the Freedom Tower (1WTC), 7WTC, and 4WTC. The low-slung brick-faced building in the center is Fiterman Hall.

Crossing West Street, this is a view from the SW corner of Ground Zero and you can see across the Memorial Plaza and the WTC Museum protruding in the background. In the foreground, exhaust ducts for PATH and other underground facilities are clad in stainless steel:

1WTC as viewed from West Street looking North:

Looking back towards the SE corner of Ground Zero, you can see where the former Deutsche Bank building once stood and where the Vehicle Security Center facility is underway:

Taken from inside the World Financial Center, this shows the underground connector that will take commuters from the WFC into the PATH Transit Hub and then across to the Fulton Street Transit Center via the Dey Street Connector:

Looking up at 1WTC from 7WTC. You can see the service elevators and the side-mounted crane that is at the corner of Vesey and West Street:

A close up of the new Fiterman Hall. It isn't actually clad in brick, but rather in concrete panels that have been made to look like brick. The panels were hoisted into place and the building is starting to be sealed with window installation that began over the past two weeks:

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