Friday, July 22, 2011

Death on the Rails

Once again, someone has decided to take their life by trespassing along the NJ Transit Bergen Line, and died when he was struck by a passing locomotive. The man was struck in the vicinity of Midland Avenue in Elmwood Park, which I've previously noted (here and here) was one of the more dangerous intersections for drivers.

It also happened at the top of a stretch notorious for suicide-by-rail. The number of incidents along the stretch has declined after NJ Transit and localities installed fencing, but the area where the latest incident occurred does not have fencing or limited access.

I was on the train immediately behind the one that struck the individual, and we were delayed 30-40 minutes but at least our crew informed us of the situation, whether we could take an alternative route, but at a minimum we were able to enjoy the air conditioning aboard.

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