Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yet Another Reminder Why Drivers Must Respect Trains

The NJ Transit Bergen Line Train that I was on got lucky. It was only delayed for 20 minutes or so as passengers from another train were brought on board. Those passengers were not nearly so lucky. They were on board a train that struck a car that stayed on the tracks despite the flashing signals and gates at Midland Avenue in Saddle Brook.

The passenger of that car, a middle aged woman, was lucky to be alive. She was receiving medical attention but appeared to be okay.

The car wasn't.


Apologies to those who find this photo to be crummy condition. It was taken with my cellphone while the train was moving through the area, but it's still more than you'll likely see in the evening news. NJ Transit calls this 20 minute delays in both directions.

This particular intersection is one of the most dangerous in New Jersey, and there have been multiple incidents such as this in the past. It is long past time for NJ Transit and the local community to eliminate this particular grade crossing.

The fact is that all too many people see this:

... and ignore it.

People die as a result of ignoring those signals. Today's accident victim was lucky. Luck is going to run out at this crossing.

This particular crossing is notorious for accidents, primarily because of its location and how it cuts across NJ Transit's right of way:

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This leads to multiple accidents, both on NJ Transit right of way, and for cars attempting to avoid crossing there by traveling on Erie Street instead.

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