Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rebuilding of Ground Zero, Part 142

This is a photo of 4WTC getting its glass curtain wall along Liberty Street. The builders have built sidewalk sheds along the south side of Liberty following an accident where a piece of metal fell through safety netting on 4WTC and caused minor injuries to a pedestrian.

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Meanwhile, work continues on the Freedom Tower and it has now reached the point in steel erection where the 8 triangular segments are equidistant as the tower torques 45 degrees from above the pedestal base to the roofline.

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It's pretty remarkable how close the Freedom Tower appears to follow the mockups for the tower once this design was agreed upon, although the base will end up being a different design due to technical issues with the glass that was intended to be use to wrap the base.

Also, the Freedom Tower is now taller than 7WTC, which sits adjacent to the tower and was the first building rebuilt following the attacks. When completed, the Freedom Tower will be nearly twice as tall as 7WTC and other Lower Manhattan buildings as it becomes North America's tallest skyscraper.

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