Thursday, April 14, 2011

Serial Killers Running Amok in New York and New Jersey

Investigators no longer believe that the same killer is involved in the murder of four women outside Atlantic City and the murders on Long Island near Jones Beach.
"There is no connection between the Atlantic City case and the Suffolk County case," Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said, citing recent investigative findings.

Suffolk investigators began looking closely at the unsolved Atlantic City murders after the remains of four craigslist call girls were found on a remote coastal island in December. The four victims in Atlantic City were all female prostitutes. And they were found dead in November 2006 in a ditch behind a motel on the Black Horse Pike highway.

All were barefoot, their bodies arranged facedown in a line with their heads pointing toward Atlantic City. The four slain hookers found near Gilgo Beach on Long Island were wrapped in burlap sacks and dumped amid brush-covered dunes. Dormer said the different methods used to dispose of the bodies is not the only factor that sets the cases apart.

"There were other items connected to the two cases that indicate that it may not be the same person," Dormer said, without elaborating.

The FBI will lead an aerial search of the island dumping ground, where the bodies of five - and possibly six - additional victims have been found in the past two weeks.
That indicates that we're talking about two separate serial killers, but in reality, the recovery of 9 or 10 sets of remains in Long Island suggests that we've got at least two, if not more killers involved in dumping their victims along a stretch of highway near Jones Beach.

Due to the age of some of the remains, speculation is that at least some of the older remains may be the victims of serial killer Joel Rifkin, but that will take further forensic investigation and the remains are being reviewed and studied by the New York City Medical Examiners and forensic scientists.

The FBI will be assisting local law enforcement in their search, and are using specialized aircraft to identify areas for additional ground searches in the thick scrub brush along Ocean Parkway and the nearby beaches.

Suffolk County Police Chief Richard Dormer suggested that there are at least two suspects in the serial killings of four Craigslist call girls found in December near Oak and Gilgo beaches.

Police divers are also combing the waters of the bay near where the other remains were recovered.

As I had surmised yesterday, it would appear that investigators are looking at multiple serial killers dumping bodies in the area. Due to the evidence gathered thus far, investigators now think that there are at least three serial killers victims recovered thus far, including those that may be the work of Rifkin - and that doesn't count the serial killer who struck outside Atlantic City.

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