Thursday, April 14, 2011

Duke Lacrosse Accuser Likely Facing Murder Charges

If the name Crystal Mangum rings a bell, it should - she was the Duke lacrosse accuser whose bogus claims brought disgrace to the school, ruined three students lives, and brought about the end of a prosecutor's career who ignored all the warning signs about the case and prosecuted despite a lack of corroborating evidence.

Well, she had stabbed her boyfriend after an argument and the guy was in critical condition. Well, she's going to be facing manslaughter or murder charges now that her victim has died of the injuries sustained. That is after being convicted on five misdemeanor counts, including child abuse, this past January when she was accused of setting a fire in her former boyfriend's bathtub, while her children were home.

This woman is nothing but bad jobu for all she comes in contact with - and now she's likely to face murder charges in her latest actions. Clearly, she is a troubled woman who is a menace to those around her.

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