Friday, April 29, 2011

People Need a Fairy Tale Wedding

With all the woe, misery, death, and devastation that come into our living rooms on a nightly basis, is it any wonder that the media has latched on to the wedding of Kate and Prince William as the event of the century?

If the pomp and circumstance of a proper British royal wedding doesn't do it, then nothing will get your mind off the fact that there are real serious issues going on in the Middle East or that the economy is a foundering mess in the US, and that the Japanese are years away from recovering from the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

What I find bothering is that the media has dictated that the story take precedence over the ongoing search for victims from the tornado outbreak in the south or the Syrian uprising against the ruthless autocrat Bashar Assad.

At least the wedding has pushed Donald Trump's inane ramblings off the above the fold. We should be thankful for that at least.

If you've got royal wedding fatigue, then here's the cure - courtesy of Monty Python:

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