Tuesday, April 05, 2011

ElBaradei Using Threat of War Against Israel as Platform To Win Egyptian Elections

Mohamed ElBaradei is a feckless hack who is now trying to become Egypt's first elected leader in decades. To do so, he has to curry favor with Islamists and those who would like to see the Camp David Accords and Israel wiped from history.

To that end, he's busy claiming that should Israel attack Gaza to go after Hamas, that Egypt would go to war against Israel.
In an interview with the Al-Watan newspaper he said: "In case of any future Israeli attack on Gaza - as the next president of Egypt – I will open the Rafah border crossing and will consider different ways to implement the joint Arab defense agreement."

He also stated that "Israel controls Palestinian soil" adding that that "there has been no tangible breakthrough in reconciliation process because of the imbalance of power in the region - a situation that creates a kind of one way peace."

Discussing his agenda for Egypt, ElBaradei said that distribution of income between the different classes in Egypt would be his most important priority if he were to win the upcoming elections.

ELBaradei's main competition is Arab League Secretary General and former Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa. Last month he discussed Egypt's relationship with Israel. "During my term in office the foreign ministry was subject to unfavorable policies from Israel with regards to the peace agreement," Said Moussa who served as foreign minister 1991-2001," he said.

"We thought the peace process was like a waterwheel – endlessly turning around and around without reaching a defined point. My opinion was that we needed to be honest with the Israelis, taking determined measures within the framework of the foreign ministry's operations. Maybe this led to a lack of agreement on all Israel related issues."
Israel doesn't control Gaza - Hamas does - and should Hamas and other terror groups use Gaza as a continuing launching pad for terror attacks against Israel, Israel has every right to defend itself and eliminate the terror threat.

For ElBaradei to claim otherwise, and to further assert that Egypt would come to the defense of the terror masters in Gaza, shows just how dangerous ElBaradei could be. Moreover, it shows just how tenuous the Camp David Accords truly are and how further trades of land for peace will come to naught. Gaza has been in Palestinian hands since 2005. Hamas has used the territory as a launching pad for thousands of terror attacks since then. Under Oslo, the West Bank is largely under Palestinian civil administrative control, and many areas are no-go locations for Israelis.

Israel lacks a partner in peace, and when one of those so-called partners refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist and seeks Israel's destruction, further negotiations will be fruitless. Gaza has exposed Palestinian intentions for the world to see - except they choose not to. It has, however, shown Israelis the futility of trading land for peace with those that do not want a 2-state solution.

ElBaradei is pandering to that crowd and in doing so, he's following in the footsteps of every other Middle Eastern despot, dictator, and regime that uses Israel as a scapegoat for all that ails their own floundering countries.

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