Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Not So New 9/11 Footage Revealed; Media Doesn't Notice?

Last February, I posted reports about the FOIA requests by ABC News that purported to release new photos and a video that was later distributed on FoxNews. It turned out then that some of the photos weren't really new, but the video of the attacks as viewed from a NYPD Aviation Unit helicopter was.

Now, this week the website Cryptome claims that they have gotten footage of the 9/11 attacks that was never before seen as a result of a FOIA request.

This is the Cryptome video:

It looks like we've got the same footage, but in much worse quality than the original as viewed from FoxNews. The crew in the helicopter is the same; the angles are the same.

Does anyone actually pay attention to this stuff when they report it? Yet, media outlet after media outlet have reported this as though it was new footage.

ABC News, which originally released the photos last February, says that this "... newly released video is similar to past videos made available by the NYPD from helicopters during the attack." It's much more than similar - it's the same video.

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