Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New 9/11 Photos Released and Media Doesn't Know What They Are

New photos have been released of the 9/11 attacks as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request. The photos were taken by the Det. Greg Semendinger of the NYPD from on board a helicopter circling the doomed World Trade Center. They provide a unique look at the towers from a vantage not previously seen.

My problem is that the captions associated with the images are just flat out wrong.

The first photo shows the aftermath of the first collapsed WTC tower and the fires burning in the North Tower. The third photo shows the North tower (2WTC) collapsing, but it claims that the building was imploding. That's simply not the case. You can tell that the South Tower (1WTC) had already collapsed due to the smoke and ash spreading throughout Lower Manhattan resulting from the first collapse and by the fact that it simply isn't where it should be in the photo. The fourth photo and 11th photo repeats the claim that the tower imploded - when it was collapsed due to the planes. The word usage is more than likely to be picked up by conspiracy nuts who think that the buildings were purposefully demolished for some nefarious purpose rather than the actual cause for the collapse - the al Qaeda terrorists who purposefully rammed jet planes into the Twin Towers, which collapsed from all the damage done to key structural members.

Smoke and ash aren't coming from the burning towers in this photo. The Twin Towers are already gone.

What these captions show is that whoever was responsible for assembling the photos for publication had no clue what they were actually witnessing. That's incompetence.

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