Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Details Emerge About Kevin Harpham and the Spokane MLK Parade Bomb Plot

More details are emerging about Kevin Harpham's background and involvement in white supremacist groups in Idaho and Washington. While the Southern Poverty Law Center claims that Harpham was a member of the National Alliance, one of that group's members claims that he was never a member.

Yet, a member of another white supremacist group, Aryan Nations, claims that he and Harpham spoke quite a bit during the past decade about joining the group, but he never did so:
Erich Gliebe, the acting chairman of the National Alliance, contradicted the Southern Poverty Law Center's claims. Gliebe said he has been a member of the National Alliance since 1990 and didn't recognize Harpham's name. Gliebe added that the National Alliance, "has a zero tolerance policy regarding illegal activity. Anyone who even hints or jokes about illegal activity is not welcome in the organization."

Paul Mullet, the former self-proclaimed leader of the Aryan Nations , said that Harpham expressed interest in joining the Aryan Nations back in the mid-2000s. Mullet said Wednesday afternoon that he had about a dozen conversations with Harpham after he contacted him for information on joining the Aryan Nations. Mullet said that Harpham never joined the group.
It isn't surprising that these white supremacist groups are trying to disavow any knowledge about Harpham or alleged memberships since it could lead to still further law enforcement scrutiny into their actions.

Harpham has a mylife reference page (subscription required).

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